12 May 2024

There for Our Clients

By Adrian Colarusso, CFA, CFP®

May 12, 2024

I write from a Boeing 737 filled with gratitude for our growing group of California clients.

This week I enjoyed homemade coffee in a lovely living room, seafood beneath the Bay Bridge, cocktails in a Culver City speakeasy, a hike in the hills above Pacific Palisades, and a round at the storied Torrey Pines. And those were just some of the highlights.

Of course, the week wasn’t about food or fun activities. The purpose was to forge deeper bonds that we just don’t quite experience virtually. We zoomed out from the tedium of investments and taxes to reconnect with the real-life goals we’re working toward.

How do we evolve our careers to spend ample time with the kids while also renovating the house? This conversation hits differently when you can actually see the project they have in mind while the kids’ toys are stacked in the corner.

How much runway do I have to pursue creative endeavors with the money I inherited? It’s important to let this conversation breathe over a long dinner and see the enthusiasm in the client’s eyes.

Here’s how I really feel about what’s going on at my company. These notes I file away for when we revisit what to do about stock holdings at the next vest date. (Of course, no material non-public information!)

This week was a reminder that wealth decisions aren’t just made in spreadsheets and that the purpose of an investment account isn’t just to watch a number grow bigger. 

The future is bright

I return home this week more energized and optimistic than ever about the future. Target Rock is growing alongside exactly the kind of clients we want to serve: purpose-driven people with big goals and good hearts.

I owe a huge thanks to my partner Matt for holding down the home office while I was away, and of course my wife for doing the same with the home front. (Happy Mother’s Day!)

If you’re considering joining the Target Rock family, put some time on to give us an overview of your goals and how your wealth is currently situated. When the time is right, we’ll be sure to get to your hometown for a meal or a hike or a round of golf to demonstrate how much we care.